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The Counselor Salesperson (CSP) is based upon the simple premise that “people love to buy” but they “hate being sold.” Participants are asked to look at their own buying behavior and learn to sell by answering the simple question, “If you were the buyer listening to you, how would you want to be treated and what would you want form the selling process?” Learning to sell by understanding how people like to buy is a dramatic departure from the traditional “do it to them approach.”

During the program, participants learn that buyers have “problems to solve” and “a future to be created.” The ability to understand and differentiate an offering to meet these differing needs is the hallmark of a great Counselor. CSP is built on the foundation of Trust. The course helps participants realize that customers won’t buy through the barrier of No Trust and ongoing lasting relationships must start with the foundation of Trust. This approach to selling helps the salesperson relax and project self-confidence and creative potential.

CSP is taught in a “discovery learning” format, challenging the participants to find the answers to the sales challenges they face every day. This highly interactive approach to learning is engaging for even the most experienced sales professionals. Extensive practice of all the course concepts permits sales people to leave the course and immediately apply new skills.

The Counselor Salesperson has withstood the test of 35 years of actual field application by thousands of sales people. It can be applied in every business (for profit and not for profit), industry, and organization where repeat customer (member) interactions are important to ongoing success.



Program Overview

The Counselor Salesperson is a four-day seminar designed to help salespeople of all experience levels gain knowledge and skills about the dynamics of an effective, customer-focused sales process. The program consists of five distinct, yet integrated, modules. They are:

The Counselor Approach:

 Relating (Building Trust)

Discovery (Understanding Needs and Expectations)

 Advocating (Presenting the Potential of your offering)

Supporting (Implementing the Sale)

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The emotional learning experiences imbedded in The Counselor Salesperson are as important as the logical steps outlined above. It is the understanding of “why” as well as “how” that provides the emotional comfort of the Counselor Salesperson. In today’s business environment that demands “partnering” and building relationships that meet the instantaneous needs of “now,” it is essential to be “easy to do business with” and “seamless” in support of buyers needs. The Counselor Approach is referred to as “effortless and effective.” The acid test is “how do you want to be treated when you buy?”