The Core Competency and Core Capability

Question: Tom, I recently heard you speak about competitive advantage and the importance of a core competency and core capability.  You related it to a PGA Professional.  What is the core competency and core capability of a Counselor Sales Person?  K. A.


 Answer:  K. A.  What a great question.  The Core Competency of a Counselor is Humility derived from experience.  The Core Capability is “Helping Customers and People make wise business and personal decisions.”  The mistake is to perceive “humility” as a weakness, when it is a strength and to see humility as a sign of ignorance rather as the basis of wisdom.  Wisdom always flows through Humility.  That is why Jordan Spieth was very “humble” in accepting the Green Jacket.  Even at the age of 21 he has learned to be very “humble.”  The mistake that Tiger is making is to project to the fans his lack of “intelligence” when he hits a bad shot.  You will see him “beat on himself” for being “stupid.” He has lost his “humility” and will not win again until he regains it.   He had humility early in his career when his father was alive. 


 Counselors ascend from the world of “The Intelligent” to the realm of “The Wise.”  This transformation takes time and is grounded in “simplicity.”  All wise decisions come from an elevation of “awareness” -- not intelligence.  That is what we examine in Counselor Selling.  All people have the “potential” of wisdom.  It comes from “learning from experience.”   Like golf, it is “simple” -- not “easy.”