Opening New Accounts

Comment:  Tom when I returned from the Counselor workshop, I did what you suggested and ask some of our sales Reps how they open a call with a new account.  The answers actually made me weak.  It is no wonder why we can’t open new accounts.  There was nothing consistent, no story of purpose, it was just like that guy in the video spewing “more” and “er.”  I initially thought I would be confronting the intelligence of the 20 year veterans, but you were right.  I’m going to stop managing their quotas and start managing their story telling.  Thank you for that customized Ben Duffy story.  Powerful stuff.  I now GET IT!!!  Counselor A. P.


Response:  Thank you A. P.  The inability to effectively open a call is quite common because the “opening story” must come from a statement about the Business of their BUSINESS — not about sports or fishing or their line card or all the “rapport building” variables.  Counselor Selling is the only business development process that teaches a very specific approach to opening a call.  With the Ben Duffy approach coupled with the Discovery process you can effectively “lead” the new business development process.  Welcome to your new career as a Counselor Sales Leader.