The Contextual Shift

Comment and Question:  Tom, After attending your class, I’ve experienced a major breakthrough in my selling career.  You will recall how you stopped me during the workshop when I used the phrase “I would argue that ------!”  I was an arguer.  You said I needed to make a contextual shift if I wanted to be successful in selling. You told me to study that LSCPA price objection handout to deal with the price situation I was arguing about.  When I thought about it from an economic impact perspective, I began to relax.  It was amazing.  I was able to have a totally different conversation with the client the next day.  The arguer in me was gone.  When I got the purchase order, I had a totally different feeling in me.  It was not a sense of victory it was a sense of purpose.  It was that feeling that told me my Counselor career was underway.  Thank you.  Why does a context shift cause this to happen?  D.S.M.


Answer:  D.S.M. Thank you for the testimony.  I’m glad LSCPA worked for you.  It is a magic skill.  Context gives meaning to Content. The root “cause”of arguments is the deeply imbedded Context of the Win-Lose philosophy.  When you “argue,” you are arguing for your “content” versus their “content.”  Sports fans always argue for their teams.  In selling you can not win a Win-Lose battle.  The Context of the Counselor is a deep investment in a Win-Win philosophy.  When you made the shift from “price” to “economics,” that facilitated the Win-Win contextual shift in the mind of the buyer.  That is what LSCPA is designed to do. 




The word Counselor that gives meaning to Sales Person is a powerful shift in Context.  People must TRUST your Context (who you are) before they are interested in your Content (what you sell).  Counselor Selling is a powerful selling technology.